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    Stephen Colbert wants to talk to you about your boyfriend.

    When Colbert sat down for Rookie’s “Ask A Grown Man” segment, he did so as himself, instead of the brash character he plays on his show.

    Watch the full video and get all of Colbert’s wisdom and advice here. 

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  4. When you see someone you went to high school with in court

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    Comic strip artists from the 40’s draw their characters while blindfolded


    You are one of the top Problem Sleuths in the city. Solicitations for your service are numerous in quantity. Compensation, adequate. It is a balmy summer evening. You are feeling particularly hard boiled tonight.

    I can’t pick a favorite

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    …“Most of the rapes that northern soldiers committed were of black women,” and Murphy writes that “most states had laws stating that no crime of rape against slave women existed,” leaving them even less recourse to seek justice…..

    Even if it was an upper-class white woman, who was more likely to believed, sometimes judges would dismiss it because they would feel, “Oh, [if she were really a lady] she would have been too ashamed to actually come forward.” So everything was stacked against the woman.

    That’s the other thing: both the North and the South rarely thought it was rape when it was a black woman. It wasn’t until the Civil War when black women were actually able to come forward and call it rape. Before that time, even in the North, they would make it a lesser charge [for black women], if at all. I do have at least one record where a black woman was able to testify about a sexual assault in New York or someplace like that, but that was very rare. For the most part, black women’s voices went unheard…



    Gender, Race, and Rape During the Civil War

    Slavery, the value of chastity, and laws that favored men all made it difficult for women to find justice during the chaos of war.

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    The most haunting thing about this is it’s reverberating throughout this countries history. That Oklahoma case comes to mind, where the police officer raped and molested several black women during traffic stops and yet people are raising money to bail him out like it was nothing. The shit that doesn’t get addressed in this country’s history, repeats itself tragically. This shit even explains why Jill Scott is not being protected by mainstream feminists since her nudes were also leaked. torisoulphoenix


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    literally all white people on tumblr

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    Good Vibe Clothing

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    The Mark Twain Branch of the Detroit Public Libraries closed in 1996 for renovations and never reopened. What originally started as minor roof repair project grew into a total rehabilitation that went unfinished. Various efforts to revive the building never got past the drawing board, with the main concern being the “discovery” of asbestos. Some of the books left behind when the library closed were taken out and made available at the Mark Twain Annex, which is now facing permanent closure in 2011.

    A final community meeting in July of 2011 sealed the fate of the Twain library. Over the objections of community leaders and residents, the DPL board confirmed that despite passing a tax levy that explicitly included funds to renovate the Twain library, it intended to demolish the building instead. Asbestos abatement started in September with demolition completed by October.

    Photos by Detroiturbex and Brandon Davis

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